Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is your semester so long?

I choose to use the 12-15 week semester so that it easily coincides with family/school calendars. The longer semester also allows for the proper time to introduce, repeat, and come back to familiar songs - repetition is key when young musicians are involved! Each semester is full of new material and it would be difficult to learn and be introduced to all of the songs and activities in less time. The semester schedule is convenient for me as a teacher too and allows me to efficiently use the class time for learning without the constant hassles and interruptions of always being in "registration" mode. Although most of my students carry-over and continue with classes, as my studio continues to grow and younger siblings begin where older siblings left off, or people take time-off for a new baby or other life changes, shorter class sessions require a lot more time on the business-end and less time doing what I love. Musikgarten has put a lot of research and years of education behind their "product" and I follow their recommendations for class scheduling.

Can my older/younger child come to class too?

Yes, as long as behavior is not a problem or a disruption to the rest of the class. With that said, I would highly recommend if you have the means to come and spend 30-40 minutes once-a-week with just the child who is enrolled in class, you will be pleased in the end result and "bonding time" spent together. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers are welcome to attend class too. There are also classes available for mixed age-groups, so siblings can be registered to attend the same class.