Why Musikgarten?...In My Opinion

Musikgarten is a sequential music making class where you begin to learn the fundamentals of a steady beat and vocal patterns at a very young age. After learning the most basics music skills you continue to develop and expand your musical experiences until you learn to read and write music.

Musikgarten requires that all of their teachers are trained with a minimum of 17 hours of training with a Musikgarten teacher trainer before they are allowed to be licensed. This training is done in a classroom setting (conference) and teachers are given the opportunity to observe demo classes. Continued education classes are available throughout the year for teachers to re-take or learn new materials.

The Musikgarten recordings are state of the art and are professional, quality recordings that families can enjoy listening to over and over again.

Instruments used for Musikgarten classes are durable, kid safe and quality construction instruments that can withstand repeated use and are pleasing to the senses.