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Erin's Music Studio is a licensed Musikgarten provider. 

Musikgarten is a sequential music and development program for children.

Musikgarten's Programs

Musikgarten is a sequential music and development program for children.

Musikgarten's programs awaken and develop your child's inborn joy and talent for making music. Early childhood - a time of rapid growth and brain development - is the optimal time to start this musical journey. Beginning with Family Music for Babies and continuing through Music Makers At the Kayboard, your child steps across the important bridge from general music learning to instrumental skill. Choose from Musikgarten's full spectrum of classes from birth to age 9, and share with your child the gift of music - the gift that lasts a lifetime. 

At the heart of each program are Family Materials which allow you to continue the magic of music classes in the comfort of your home.  The materials may include CDs, parent guide book with song lyrics and suggested activities, instruments/educational tools, such as: jingles, scarves, shakers, rhythm sticks, or flashcards. We love to listen to our CDs in the car and they make long trips more tolerable too!

There is no more important time in your child's life than the first six years!

Erin's Music Studio

Columbus, Ohio



"My children, 18 months and 3 years, both love the classes and look forward to attending each week." Katherine R. 

"We loved your music class and it just amazes me how much [my daughter] really enjoys and appreciates music and I credit you with that." J.D. 


"It always made me smile when my boys were so excited to tell Daddy all about music class and "imitate" what they did in class for him." A.H.

“My grandson had a good experience in your class." D.S.