1. Family Music For Babies (Newborn - 18 months)

Play musically with your baby through bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, dancing, moving and singing. Music play activities are designed to increase your child's curiosity about music, to develop listening skills and a sense of beat, and to establish the foundation for singing and musical thought. 

Designed for parents and their babies to take together. This 30-minute weekly class helps you learn how to play musically with your baby. 

Musical play activities:


Overall, music activities are ideal for your growing child. 

The Curriculum - Musikgarten's programs are based on meeting the developmental needs of children as they grow. Favorite songs, stories, and dances are revisited throughout - building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed - making successful learning easier. 

Family Involvement - You will receive CD's, family activity guides and instruments to continue the bonding and fun of music with your child at home.