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4. Music Makers (Ages 4-8)

By seeking Musikgarten education for your child, you are providing the opportunity to gain a lifetime of benefits and enjoyment for your whole family. 
Your child is at an age where he/she is ready to take bigger steps toward music playing, singing, reading, and writing. 

Music Makers: At Home in the World (Ages 4-7)

Part 1 of our two -year sequential program gives your child a solid music making foundation. This year focuses on your child's fascination with nature and love of instruments.

Music Makers, Year One:
  • Provides a developmentally sound approach to music literacy that builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory and self-expression. 
  • Introduces orchestral instruments and play together 
  • Focuses on building a child's aural (listening) foundation which leads to long-term success with music reading. 
  • Singing, creative and structured movement. 
  • Training of the ear.
  • Coordination of body and voice.
  • Enhancement of self-discipline and social skills. 
  • First steps in reading music. 
  • Stories, songs and sounds from the world of nature: My Home, Woodlands, Marsh, and others.
  • Introduction to 6 instrumental ensembles, with fine recording and full color posters.
Music Makers: Around The World (Ages 5-8)

Part 2 of our two-year sequential program gives your child a solid music making foundation. This year focuses on your child's fascination with all things new and different.

Music Makers, Year Two:

  • Explores the music of the British Isles, Germany, and our own Amerindian and African American Heritage.
  • Features songs, dances, stories, rituals,and customs of these cultures to help your child feel and understand others. 
  • Builds skills in listening, singing, playing instruments, as well as expressive movement and dance. 
  • Offers age-appropriate steps to develop music literacy - symbolic thinking, concentration, memory and self-expression. 
  • Develops ensemble and instrument playing to build on the music-making foundation from Year 1. 

At the end of Year 2 your child will have a solid, comprehensive music foundation, an excellent preparation for the next step, whether it be instrumental lessons, singing in a choir, participating in an Orff ensemble or joining a dance class.

Family Involvement:

Each of the 10 units of Music Makers provides a generous packet of activities to help you take the sound environment of class home. Foremost is an outstanding CD with songs, instrumental demonstrations, learning sequences and a story; additionally you will have instrument and nature posters, family activity books, notation games, song pages and games pieces.